• Practical plastic funnel with flexible bend for easy filling of fluids in difficult access areas.Large filling capacity.Diameter 160 mm.Total length of the funnel: 45 cm.Delivered with filter.
    Art nr. SAC633.002
  • Chromed steel Folding Stand equipped with support feet and complete with a lower floor for the storage and mixing of fuel.Allows correct positioning of the fuel barrel and oils.Delivered without fuel barrel and other accessories.Net Weight: 7,15kg
    Art nr. AC646.002
  • Designed for 25 liters drum or 30 liters drum (reference AC631.003).Galvanised steel construction.Safe and confortable racking.Delivered with a drip tray.
    2 115,00
    Art nr. SAC646.001
  • Black absorbent carpet with charcoal grey edge and ITAKASHOP logo in the middle.High grip performance due to latex coating. 2 sizes available:85 X 150 cm150 X 200 cm (FFSA sporting regulation 2021) Washing temperature : 30°C
    från 995,00
  • Plastic funnel very practical with his 230 mm diameter. Delivered with hose and filter.
    Art nr. SAC633.001
  • Measuring jug 5L with protecting cover and discharge spout end-cap.Discharge - funnel-shaped with flexible spout.German, English and American scale division. Special notes :- Oil, acid and fuel-resistant- Ergonomic design- Break-proof and stable Capacity: 5 L
    Art nr. AC632.008
  • MEKAONE folding trackside table. Very high quality.Ideal for the workshop. Dimensions: Length 150 cmWidth 60 cmHeight 81.5 cm
    2 395,00
    Art nr. SAC661.102
  • Metal fuel can 30L with tap included. - Capacity: 30L- Size: ø 30cm- High: 49cm- Net Weight: 2,2kg- In compliance with Eu safety rules UN 1A1/Y1.6/180.
    Art nr. AC631.005
  • Graduated oil measuring column as ml, percentage and gallon .Allows the mix of 2 and 4% for 25L of gasoline.Capacity: 500 ml.
    Art nr. SAC632.001
  • SODI absorbent carpet.Very good grip on the ground thanks to the black anti-slip vinyl sole. 2 sizes available:95 X 150 cm190 X 150 cm (FFSA sporting regulation) Washing temperature : 30°C
    från 900,00
  • Folding trackside table in alluminium.Compact size, ideal for trackside work. Dimensions : Length 60 cmWidth 42 cmHeight 73 cm Folded : Length 83 cmWidth 42 cmHeight 20 cm
    1 840,00
    Art nr. AC661.103
  • Tool box as used by all major UK and European race teams, this is the style that Jake Designs and THR offer stickers forComes complete with keys to keep your tools secure
    Art nr. OU960.000
  • DÄCKHÄLL LÄNGD 150cm, DJUP 60cm,
    3 995,00
    Art nr. WZTASMR