• MultiChron stopwatch is an handy and versatile digital lap timer suited for any racing situation that can track up to four different racers simultaneously.Its generous memory lets you record 99 laps per driver with up to 9 splits per competitor per lap. Moreover you can quickly see best laps ...
    1 650,00
    Art nr. SAC611.000
  • Hour meter for mono and bicylinder petrol engines, 2 & 4 strokes.Fully automatic, this hour meter operates as of first engine start.Set up is completed by connecting to the « anti parasite » wire.It records the engine time (non erasable) up to 5 000 hours.Helps you to live-monitor your gokart...
    Art nr. SAC611.021
  • The Kartech hour meter is a perfect low cost option for keeping exact engine running time record. Features:-2 recording functions: non resetable total running time or resetable running time- Suits both 2- and 4-stroke engines- Attach directly to the spark plug lead or remotely via an antenna...
    Art nr. SAC611.040
  • For TX / TR2 transponders (see pictures).
    Art nr. SAC614.100
  • This OPPAMA PET-3200R hourmeter can measure the cumulative total operating time of the petrol engine.Very practical, light (15 grams) and extra small (30*30*15 mm), you can easily measure the time simply by winding the antenna lead (included in the box) around the ignition cable.Water resista...
    Art nr. SAC611.041
  • The RIGHETTI RIDOLFI digital pressure gauge is very accurate and easy to transport thanks to its carrying case.Equipped with a digital display you can check the pressure of your tyres in real time.Pressure range: 0.1-10 bar.Repeatability range: +- 0,2 %.Resolution 0.01 bar.Illuminated display...
    1 725,00
    Art nr. OU943.007
  • MyLaps transpondrar köper du av oss med prenumeration. Du betalar för transpondern initialt årsvis som du här väljer, då ingår det x-antal år från början. När prenumerationen du köpt av oss gått ut så förnyar du enkelt den i Speedhive appen eller i datorn. Under hela tiden som du betalar för...
    från 1 340,00
  • Smidig timräknare för att mäta gångtid på din motor/fordon. Timräknaren aktiveras med hjälp av motorns vibrationer, du slipper därför den kabeln som i vanliga fall lindas kring tänd-kabeln för att aktivera timräknaren vid motorstart. Detta gör att du kan montera timräknaren på valfri plats ...
    Art nr. R630415