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  • T-handle wrenches with swivelling hexagon male ends.2 dimensions available: 5 mm and 6 mm.
  • Allows you to rapidly and efficiently bleed your hydraulic brake circuit. For systems without tanks.
    Art nr. SOU951.001
  • Plastic box to arrange your jets.Foam interior with 4 holes per size of jets.Dimensions of the box: 255*195 mm. Delivered without jet.
    Art nr. SOU924.008
  • Reference OU954.001
    Art nr. SOU954.001
  • DIGIT'AIR VL-PL electronic inflator. Features: - Pressure range from 0.10 bar to 11 bar- Resolution of 0.01 bar- 7 x 13 mm hose- Operating temperature : -10°C to +40°C- Gauge turns on when pressurised (connection to the valve)- Air pressure measurements displayed when the buttons are releas...
    1 715,00
    Art nr. SOU943.006
  • Electric fuel pump ideal for draining kart fuel tanks.Length of pipe: 60 cm.Diameter of the dip tube: 28 mm.Works with two 1.5V LR20 batteries (not included).
    Art nr. SOU955.003
  • EURODAINU/ MICHELIN tyre inflator pressure gauge.Features: - For VL and PL- Hose 7 x 13 mm, length 1.5 m- Graduated bar 0.7 to 11- Air Arrival F G 1/4- Anti-pinch handle treated with cataphoresis to prevent corrosion Additional accessory if needed : R 1/4 Tapered male threaded adaptator (re...
    Art nr. SOU943.010
  • MEKAONE sprocket protection kit of 200 mm diameter (FFSA regulation). Included in the kit :- 2 aluminium sprocket protection- 1 plastic spacer (thickness: 8 mm)- 6 screws- 6 nuts
    Art nr. SPC0682.011
  • This 45-tool kit has been designed by kart professionals. It includes all the tools needed to dismantle and reassemble your entire chassis. This kit includes : - 8 HEX T-handles (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm)- 12 multi-cavity combination wrenches (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17mm...
    4 595,00
    Art nr. OU960.002
  • Magnifier can stand on the desk when open, can used as a handle magnifier when folded. Main lens: 2.5 and 10 white leds. The combination of magnifier and LED enables you to see clearly even in the dark.Battery: 2 AA (not included) or AC power adapter (EU plug / AC 100~250V / 90cm-cable).Dimen...
    Art nr. SOU926.006
  • ool specially designed for screwing on and off the M20 nut on 25 mm diameter stub axle.
    Art nr. SOU914.003
  • This thermometer is an easy-to-use IR thermometer for reading thermal radiation emitted from any given object where a probe is not appropriate. This allows precise temperature measurements, provides rapid detection with a dual laser and features a 12:1 spot ratio. An illuminated negative digi...
    Art nr. AC615.006
  • KG sprocket protection kit. Included in the kit :- 2 plastic sprocket protection- 6 screws- 6 nuts- 6 washers
    Art nr. SPC0682.014
  • Ideal for wheel balancing.For perfect adhesion, throughly degrease the edge of the wheel rim.4 x 5 g and 4 x 10 g. Features:- Thickness: 4.8 mm- Width: 15 mm- Length: 108.5 mm
    Art nr. SAC652.001
  • Easy to unstick tyres. Simple, practical and compact
    Art nr. SOU942.002
  • Weight: 1.65 kg.
    Art nr. SOU931.004
  • Very high precision with plastic shock protector and large dial. Decompression valve for deflating
    Art nr. SOU943.002
  • En av världens bästa och mest använda däcktrycksmätare inom motorsport har precis blivit ännu bättre!Denna nya version av välkända Prisma (HIPREMA 4) är fullsmockad med nyheter: Ny ergonomisk skalkonstruktion Uppgraderad dator och elektronik Bakgrundsbelyst Display med ljus-sensor Möjligh...
    2 995,00
    Art nr. R16254
  • Kombinerad lufttrycksmätare och stoppur Nu behöver du inte ta med två instrument till banan, Hiprema 4 ger dig två i ett instrument. Du kommer inte bara att få den bästa lufttrycksmätaren på marknaden, men också ett grymt tidtagarur som ger dig möjlighet att tid upp till 4 förare samtidigt ...
    3 495,00
    Art nr. R16255
  • For Rotax Max engines (except DD2).
    Art nr. SOU921.025
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